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Diabetes Surgery

Metabolic Surgery

Due to the metabolic benefits of obesity surgery, these surgeries have become known as metabolic surgeries. Obesity surgery, which contributes to the body’s metabolism through hormonal adjustments by causing rapid weight loss, including stomach reduction surgery, is also good for diabetes. The effect of bariatric surgery on diabetes is through weight loss, hormonal regulation and blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes (associated with insulin deficiency). These surgeries reduce the person’s body weight, eliminate metabolic problems, especially fatty liver, and help regulate blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance.

The most common diabetes surgeries are:

Since gastric bypasses are more effective on diabetes; When diabetes surgery is mentioned, gastric bypass and transit bipartition surgery actually come to mind.

Mini gastric bypass, Roux en Y gastric bypass, SADI-S and Biliopancreatic diversion are also gastric bypasses that are good for diabetes.

Transit bipartition surgery: In this procedure, the stomach volume is first reduced. Afterwards, gastric bypass is performed and food passage through the intestines is rearranged, thus reducing food intake and digestion. These surgeries both promote weight loss and provide positive results for diabetes.

What is Transit Bipartition?

Transit Bipartition is the preferred and developed metabolic surgery method in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. The last 1/3 of the operation, which is carried out through the small intestines, is connected to the stomach as an alternative. In this way, diabetes is controlled by stimulating small intestine hormones.


Transit Bipartition Application

The surgical procedure performed to help lose weight along with Transit Bipartition is widely preferred today. It appears to be a successful surgical method with its restrictive and malabsorptive properties. To be more specific, it is one of the restrictive surgical operations that results in the removal of up to 70% of the stomach.

Transit Bipartition Success Rate

A lot of research and studies have been done on what the success rate is. Within the scope of these studies, after the study and examination conducted on 1000 people with obesity problems, it was revealed that 94% of these people lost weight. This application, which gives a feeling of satisfaction quickly, helps you lose weight quickly. In addition, studies conducted on patients revealed that there was an 86% regression in diabetes. Transit bipartition has a weight-losing effect, and extremely successful results have been achieved in correcting metabolic problems.

Risk is Low and Success Rate is High

Many treatment methods and practices have been tried on patients from past to present. These treatment methods appear in different forms in the renewing and changing world. Compared to obesity and diabetes surgeries, this treatment method is less risky than other treatment methods. However, the success rate of this low-risk treatment method is extremely high. You can get rid of your diseases by having this application, which is considered easily applicable and reliable, with reliable expert support and in the institution.