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Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgönül

Dr. Kaplan BahaTemizgonul is highly experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery due to his crucial training and vast amount procedures he has performed. He has a good reputation among his patients as easy to talk to. 

Madina Zahitoglu

Madina Zahitoglu graduated from Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Department of Nursing in 2020. 

In 2020, she decided to continue her business life, which she started in private hospitals in Istanbul in 2022, in bariatric surgery nursing and started working as an operating room and clinic nurse in our clinic. She takes an active role in bariatric surgery operations and postoperative follow-up of patients.

Bariatric Dietitian Ece Ceylan

Dietitian Ece Ceylan graduated from Bahçeşehir University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics as an “Honor” student in 2021. She is currently continuing her Master’s degree at her school.

In 2021, she started her career life with online nutrition counseling and then continued as a nutritionist in a private hospital for 1 year and served in the field of clinical nutrition. 

Specialist Clinic Psychologist Merve Saracoglu

Merve Saracoglu attended to Istanbul Commerce University, where she has her licence (2003-2007) and masters degree (2008-2010). She has finished clinical psychology program in Bristol University (2012-2014). 

She has continued her training on cognitive behavioral therapy. She has worked as a research team member in Brighton Sussex University on topic of “ Eating disorders and anxiety”.