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Bariatric Dietitian Ece Ceylan

Bariatric Dietitian Ece Ceylan

Bariatric Nutritionist

Nutritionist Ece Ceylan

Dietitian Ece Ceylan graduated from Bahçeşehir University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics as an “Honor” student in 2021. She is currently continuing her Master’s degree at her school.

In 2021, she started her career life with online nutrition counseling and then continued as a nutritionist in a private hospital for 1 year and served in the field of clinical nutrition. 

Dietitian Ece Ceylan has developed herself in the field of bariatric surgery, which she has been particularly interested in since her undergraduate education, and has participated in internships, trainings, certificate programs and studies. She has been working as a bariatric surgery dietitian in Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgonul’s bariatric surgery team.

She is a member of TDD, LÖSEV, KAÇUV associations.

She speaks fluent English and beginner level German.