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April 4, 2024

Obesity Surgery and Vitamin Supplements: Which Ones are Necessary?

Obesity surgery can be an effective treatment method for weight control and metabolism management. However, the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies may increase after this surgical intervention. Therefore, it is important for individuals undergoing obesity surgery to pay attention to vitamin supplements. Here’s why certain vitamin supplements are necessary:

Vitamin B12:

Why It’s Necessary: Stomach surgeries can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is crucial for nervous system health, energy production, and red blood cell formation.
Supplement Form: B12 vitamin supplements or injections may be recommended.


Why It’s Necessary: Some obesity surgeries can reduce iron absorption. Iron is important for oxygen transport and energy production in the body. Supplement Form: Iron supplements or iron preparations prescribed by a doctor can be used.


Why It’s Necessary: Stomach surgeries can affect calcium absorption. Calcium is important for bone health and neuromuscular functions. Supplement Form: Calcium supplements or calcium sources recommended by your doctor can be used.

Vitamin D:

Why It’s Necessary: Vitamin D deficiency may occur after obesity surgery. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, bone health, and immune system functions. Supplement Form: Vitamin D supplements or vitamin D sources recommended by your doctor can be used.

Folic Acid:

Why It’s Necessary: Some surgical interventions can reduce folic acid absorption. Folic acid is important for cell division, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell formation. Supplement Form: Folic acid supplements can be used.


Multivitamin Supplements:

Why They’re Necessary: There may be a risk of general vitamin and mineral deficiency after obesity surgery. Multivitamin supplements contain many important vitamins and minerals.
Supplement Form: A suitable multivitamin supplement according to individual needs can be used.

The need for vitamin supplements may vary depending on the individual’s health condition after obesity surgery. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular communication with your surgical team and undergo regular health check-ups.

Dyt. Ece Ceylan

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